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One of the stalls in the first floor boys bathroom during the homecoming dance earlier this year.

A State of Disarray: West High Bathrooms

Tyler Hall, Reporter March 2, 2023

West High has several bathrooms and, from student observations, nearly all of them are trashed. Students complain about them quite often, a good testament to the horrid state of West's bathrooms. While...

Ian Sabanagic getting mentally prepared for the race ahead.

Ian Sabanagic: State Swimming

Tyler Hall, Reporter February 21, 2023

During the 2023 IHSAA State Swim Meet from February 10-11th, senior Ian Sabanagic was the sole representative for West High. To qualify for the state swim meet, swimmers must be one of the top 32 statewide....

The Voices of West

The Voices of West

Tyler Hall, Reporter February 13, 2023

The Voices of West are students here at West High who were recognized by their peers for putting themselves out there and using their voices for good. Of the nominations, one person was picked from each...

A closer look at the microphone part of an FM system used in Amanda Masts English 9 classroom.

Accommodations for All: FM Systems and Subtitles

Tyler Hall, Reporter January 10, 2023

Frequency modulation systems, FM systems for short, and subtitles are typically thought to be used exclusively for deaf and hard of hearing students. While it is true, they do benefit the deaf and hard...

Approximately 11.5 million people in the United States suffer from mild to severe hearing loss. There are over 1,000 schools around the country that offer sign language yet the WCSD has none.

Should Sign Language Be A Foreign Language?

Tyler Hall, Reporter January 6, 2023

When signing up for a foreign language at West High, students are given three options; French, Spanish and German. While the selections are relatively prominent languages, Kaitlyn Hall, a freshman and...

Zephaniah during his speech.

Student Composer: Zephaniah Gustafson

Tyler Hall, Reporter January 4, 2023

During the holiday music concert on Monday, Dec. 6, the Symphony Strings premiered "Whiteboard," a song from student composer and cellist, Zephaniah Gustafson. During his speech before the song played,...

Concert Choir during their performance of Brad Holmes Noel.

Holiday Music Concert

Tyler Hall, Reporter December 19, 2022

On Monday, Dec. 6, the West High music groups held a holiday music concert to spread holiday cheer. In order from first to last, the choirs performed at 6 p.m., the orchestras performed at 7 p.m. and the...

Mr. Dabney and his family in Chicago.

Staff Member of the Week: Mr. Dabney

Tyler Hall, Reporter December 9, 2022

During the morning announcements on Monday, Nov. 5, Ryan Dabney was recognized as the newest staff member of the week. While most teachers started teaching after college, Dabney says "This is my second...

Dan Gable during his reception before being honored during the Metro Wrestling tournament.

Dan Gable: West High Legend

Tyler Hall, Reporter December 1, 2022

On Monday night, November 28th, Dan Gable, a former West High graduate and Olympic gold medalist, came to visit West High for the Metro Wrestling Tournament. Gable went on to be one of, if not the only...

Staff Member of the Week: Mr. Barnett

Staff Member of the Week: Mr. Barnett

Tyler Hall, Reporter November 22, 2022

During the morning announcements on Monday, November 14th, Ben Barnett was recognized as the staff member of the week. As of now, this will be Barnett's fifth year coaching here at West High and his ninth...

Brianna Williams Conducts Research with UNI

Brianna Williams Conducts Research with UNI

Tyler Hall, Reporter November 18, 2022

Brianna Williams, a senior here at West High, was given the opportunity to do physics research during the UNI summer research course. "I’ve always love the subject science, but for some reason physics...

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