Terez Smith and Sahara Williams crowned Homecoming King and Queen


Nicole Goodman

Sahara Williams and Terez Smith after being crowned homecoming king and queen.

Tyler Hall, Reporter

Homecoming is a yearly tradition here at West and with it comes homecoming king and queen. This year’s king was Terez Smith and queen, Sahara Williams. During her time here at West, Williams has played basketball and been a Varsity starter for all four years with a three time state appearance, ran track, and has been a part of Link Crew. During his time here at West, Smith said he’s really enjoyed playing football since it’s allowed him to meet new people considering that he didn’t have the chance to go to school with most of the people at West during his pre-high school years.

When discussing their feelings about being voted into the court and then as king and queen, both parties said it was an honor. Williams’ response was “for court, it was really honoring that my peers thought that I was a roll model in the school and for homecoming queen I was very honored because there were nine other girls they could have picked and for me to be chosen as the one it was kind of special.” As for Smith, he said “to be picked for court, it was just an honor and a special privilege because I feel like that out of all the people in the school, they picked us certain people to be on court and then to win king, it’s just like how many people voted for me to win and supported me was an honor.”

When reflecting on what makes West High unique, Williams said “I think we are a very diverse school and we offer a lot of different clubs and activities for those who are interested in different hobbies.” Smith says that “everybody as a school are connected. If you go to other schools, they’ll fight and stuff like that but everybody here is well connected.”

Williams’ piece of advice for the other students of West is “don’t walk in with a closed mind, come in with an open mind and be willing to meet new people and try new things, that’s something I regretted coming into high school.” Smith’s advice is “live it to the fullest because it’s going to be quick, it’ll end quick, you’re gonna think it’s gonna take long but in a snap it can be done; Do everything you want to do, don’t wait until its too late.”

Homecoming court candidates leaving the field after the coronation.