Staff Member Of The Week: Mr. Venghaus!


Karma Goodson

King Venghaus and his unique classroom decor.

Karma Goodson, Reporter

November 7th during Monday morning announcements, Mr. Venghaus, US History, Economics, Contemporary Affairs and African American Studies teacher was named staff member of the week. Mr. Venghaus has worked in the Waterloo Community Schools District for going on two years and told us that this position impacted his life tremendously.  “This award made me feel really good. It feels good to be appreciated,” he said. When we asked Mr. Venghaus about his impact on his students he ecstatically said,  “Aw it’s super awesome. That’s why we do it. I think a lot of teachers kind of feel the same way that we do what we do so that kids can have a better tomorrow.” As he reflected on working for Waterloo schools, he said, “Wouldn’t like to be anywhere else.”

Mr. Venghaus is a role model to so many students and staff included. The positive energy that comes from his class can be found all over West High. In his short time at West he has impacted so many lives including mine. Mr. Venghuas showed me and others that education is important. He taught me how to speak out for what I believe, that my words, my opinion, my voice no matter how small can change the world. He is the most beautifully creative, kind, and open minded soul that can be found. Mr. Venghaus does not just deserve the Staff Member Of The Week title, he deserves to know that he is loved by hundreds of us. And as Venghaus always says, “Once you’re done with that you’re done with me for the day.”

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