Artist Spotlight: Bella Deleon

Ali Parkhurst, Reporter

West High is filled with hundreds of students who have different creative talents and abilities. We see our athletics and theater programs promoted throughout the school and on social media. However, we rarely see the artists at West represented. West is filled with many artists, Bella Deleon being one of them. 

Deleon is a senior at West High who has had a passion for art since she was little, “It’s always something I come back to,” she said. Deleon first realized she had a talent for art as she started practicing more and experimenting within her art by using different media. This not only pushed her talent, but grew her love for art as well. 

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Deleon promotes her art on her Instagram account where she shares her various drawings, sculptures, and most recently, digital art. Deleon’s talents are undeniable as they convey emotion, passion, and love. Her piece, Jupiter Dreams, was featured on the cover of Magpie magazine for their spring 2022 edition, a big accomplishment for a young artist. To Deleon, this accomplishment gave her more opportunities to create similar projects and expand her abilities, this also promoted Deleon’s art by allowing more people to see her talent.

Reflecting on her art, Deleon says “it’s a healthy outlet where I can let my emotions out. For me, my art is a way of communicating my feelings to other people” Deleon portrays her perspectives on the world through her art and puts emotions into every piece. 

Though she uses a variety of mediums for her art, Deleon says her favorite form of art is painting. She enjoys using acrylic and oil paints throughout her pieces. She shared two of her most prideful pieces entitled “Mothers Hands”, a piece Deleon was inspired to make based off a picture she took of her mothers hands at a strawberry patch, as well as  “Happier with You”, which was made with air dry clay and based off a drawing that she had previously drawn.

Deleons art “Jupiter Dreams” featured on the cover of Magpie magazine, Spring 2022 edition. (Bella Deleon)
Deleons art “Mothers Hands”. Made with acrylic paint. Based off a picture of her mothers hands at a strawberry patch. September 29, 2022. (Bella Deleon)
Deleons art “Happier with You”. Sculpture made from air dry clay, recycled water, and tin foil. October 5, 2022. (Bella Deleon)