Artist Spotlight: Jaryn Gomez


Photo used with permission from Jaryn Shaw.

Medium: Marker on Sketchbook Paper

Kaitlin Stanford, Reporter

Jaryn Gomez is a senior here at West High school. They always knew they had a passion for art. Gomez had worked on the Pride Banner at Doughy Joeys during Pridefest. Gomez also had their art displayed at Orange Elementary school where they attended. “I found out through Crayola crayons in my mom’s classroom and when drawing on the whiteboards,”. Said Gomez.

Gomez shared that they use art for self-expression.

“Since I’m a very quiet person it’s easier to communicate through physical things than with speaking” Said Gomez.

When reflecting on their favorite piece, they shared “I don’t have favorites, some I like because I made them for other people. When I see their reactions it makes me like it a lot more”.

Gomez sometimes promotes their artwork on their Instagram, @rynnlii.

Make sure to look around at the wonderful artists here at West!

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