TICKET PUNCHED: Wahawks Defeat Waukee and Qualify for State


Ali Parkhurst

The girls team pose with the state qualifier flag after earning a victory against the Waukee Warriors and securing their spot at the state tournament for the fourth year in a row.

Ali Parkhurst, Reporter

Tuesday Feb. 21, the Wahawks hosted Waukee in the final sub-state game of the season. The 21-1 Wahawks faced the 11-11 Warriors as the two teams fought for their spot at the state championship tournament. 

As the seniors stepped onto their home court for the final time in their career, only one thing was on their minds, a victory. The last matchup between the teams resulted in a loss for the Wahawks by 23 points in 2020. “Turn the tables, it’s our year,” says assistant coach Andrea Herold as the coaching staff prepared the team for a strong fight. 

A rough start gave the Warriors a lead over the Wahawks as the Waukee defense held back senior Halli Poock in the first quarter, resulting in a 15-22 score as they headed into the second quarter. 

The intense fight for a spot in the state tournament had the lead being tossed around between the two teams as they both put their all into the game. 

The fourth quarter left everyone holding their breath as the lead continued to go back and forth between the two teams. With just two minutes left in the game, the Wahawks were down and the gym filled with anticipation. In the last 45 seconds, the Wahawks scored two points and held back the Warriors from scoring, leaving the Wahawks with a 69-68 win. 

As the Wahawks punched their ticket to state, the student section charged the court to celebrate with their peers. Assistant Coach AJ Cassidy, spent his birthday coaching the girls to a fourth consecutive state tournament. “The real present here was the win,” he says, adding that this was “probably the best night of my coaching career so far.”

The energy in the room is something that reminds the community of the pride we have in the Wahawks. The screaming, jumping and even crying shows the love and hope we have always had in our girls for carrying us to a state championship for four years in a row. 

The Wahawks saw a lot from junior Charlotte Gettman as her offense and defense pulled through to assist in the victory. “Honestly my best career game so far, I’m just proud of all the hard work that I’ve put in,” Gettman says after starting her season late due to a medical issue prior to the season starting. 

Senior Sahara Williams, the point carrier for the game with 33 points, encourages all of her peers to join them as they battle at the state tournament. “Monday, Thursday, Friday. Be there,” she says. Williams says she is hoping to make it all the way this year and claim the state championship title. 

Alongside Williams was senior Cece Moore who scored 13 points for the Wahawks. After the intense game, Moore said she was proud of her team but stressed for the battle ahead. Her goal this year is as it is every year, “To win every single game, go to the championship, and then win that,” she says.