Set Two

Ali Parkhurst and ChatGPT

Article Two: Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Prompt: Write a 200 word article about Taylor Swift’s Eras tour.

Taylor Swift, a singer-songwriter who has held her fame since the early 2000’s, announced her “Eras Tour” on Nov 1, 2022 through Good Morning America as well as on her various social media platforms. Swift described the tour as a “journey through the musical eras of my career” as it is her first concert tour in five years. 

In a show that transports fans into the depths of her career, Swift uses outfit changes, strategic sets, lighting and multiple different effects to grasp and hold onto the attention of her audience. 

Around the world, fans are preparing for the tours by sharing their extravagant outfits on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Outfits aim to cover different ‘Eras’ of her musical career with fans covering outfits that represent different albums Swift has recorded. This has given her fans unlimited creative freedom and has resulted in millions of different outfits that showcase the evolution of Swift’s music. 

With twenty seven shows covering twenty American cities, Swift started her tour on March 18 in Glendalem Arizona. Alongside Swift, nine opening artists join her to tour the country including Paramore, Beabadadoobee, Phoebe Bridger, girl in red, MUNA, HAIM, GAYLE, Gracie Abrams and OWENN. 

Although her tour is covering various states in the US, Swift is yet to release international shows. Her website is promising for these dates to be released soon. 

Article Four: The Dangers of AI 

Prompt: Write a 200 word article on the dangers of using AI for educational papers

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown in popularity at a rapid rate as a tool to forge and create scholarly essays at the touch of a button. Although AI can be a beneficial resource to get yourself going on a paper, relying solely on AI for complete essays can be dangerous.

Plagiarism in any and all senses, is a violation of honors and ethics at most institutions. When quoting a person or resource, you must cite said source in order to acknowledge that the words are not directly coming from you. When using an AI system, it will often create its own information rather than using facts or evidence. This tool will create misinformation in your paper, resulting in inaccurate writing. 

AI program ChatGPT has gained a lot of attention in the recent months as it is being boosted on several social media platforms. Though AI can write full length papers within minutes, the information is almost entirely inaccurate. 

Rather than using AI systems to write entire papers, some students have used the resource to format papers, help with sentence structure or in order to help create a professional writing style, which are all services that Grammarly or even GoogleDocs provide. 

Overall, AI is a tool that can benefit students and teachers in some ways, but can still be harmful to the accuracy of educational writing. 

Article Six: West Highs Spring Kickoff

Prompt: Write a 200 word article on Waterloo West high school’s spring and summer sports kickoff

Waterloo West High School’s spring and summer sports kickoff is an exciting event that brings together athletes, coaches, and the community. The event is an opportunity to showcase the school’s sports programs and promote physical fitness and healthy living.

The kickoff typically includes a range of activities, including scrimmages, skill demonstrations, and interactive games. It’s a chance for athletes to show off their skills and for spectators to see what the teams have in store for the upcoming season.

In addition to promoting physical fitness, the spring and summer sports kickoff is also a great way to build community and school spirit. Students, teachers, and community members come together to cheer on the teams and show their support for their school.

The kickoff is also an opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication of the coaches and athletes. They have been training hard for months, and the event provides a platform for them to showcase their progress and celebrate their achievements.

Overall, the Waterloo West High School’s spring and summer sports kickoff is a fun and exciting event that promotes physical fitness, healthy living, and school spirit. It’s a great way to bring together the community and support the school’s sports programs.

Article Two: Written by Ali Parkhurst

Article Four: Written by Ali Parkhurst

Article Six: Written by AI