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Cavelle Fay

Senior Cooper Paxton spotted during a mid-air suplex while taking down his opponent from Waterloo Columbus Catholic High School.

Cavelle Fay, Reporter

The 2022 wrestling season kicked off, stapling another important season for the West High wrestlers. The night kicked off with Dan Gable getting recognized for everything he has done for our community and his successes. Dan Gable is considered to be one of the best wrestlers of all time. Gable is a two-time NCAA Division I national champion, a world gold medalist, and an Olympic gold medalist. Gable gave everyone an inspirational speech to kick off the Metro tournament.

The wrestling tournament was a highly intense tournament for every wrestler in the gym. Gable started the evening off by preparing all the wrestlers to wrestle like they never have. Freshmen Payton Kacher had one of the best season openers he could ask for, on the night he went 3-0  with all 3 pins.

Senior Anell Kudic went 1-1 on the night. Kudic’s first match he wrestled Iowa commit Drew Campbell where he suffered his first loss and got injured with a pulled latissimus dorsi(Lat). With pulling his Lat he had to sit out his second match of the night but pulled through to secure his first win and pin of the season in his 3rd match of the night.

Senior Cooper Paxton went 1-1 on the night as well. Paxton lost his first match of the season in a head-to-head intense overtime match where he couldn’t secure the win. In Paxton’s second match of the night, he showed everyone who he was and proved he has a lot of fight in him. At the end of the first round, Paxton suffered a broken rib but this didn’t stop him from finishing the match. Paxton wrestled through the vigorous pain he was experiencing resulting in him pinning his Columbus opponent. This intense battle left cooper unable to wrestle his 3rd match of the night leaving him 1-1.

Senior Michael Dunn wrestled one match in the night. Dunn ran this whole match taking control early and finishing strong. Dunn started his season out strong showing he has a fight in him leaving him 1-0 on the season.

Kudic reflected on what was going through his mind while he was wrestling his last match with a pulled Lat, Kudic said: “Nothing was going through my mind, I was just trying to help the team out and put us in a better position instead of forfeiting”. Paxton also reflected on what was going through his mind while wrestling with broken ribs. Paxton said, “I was in survival mode, I knew I had to get a pin so I could get out of the painful match”. This team has a lot of fight in them and are going to push for an amazing season.