Teaching is more than an Art to Todd Kern


Josian Turner

For Todd Kern, teaching is more than just a job.

Josian Turner, Reporter

Todd Kern is more than just a teacher at the career center. Before becoming a teacher Kurn worked professionally for companies like Abercrombie and fitch, and found that he wasn’t the best at what he did. Where he did Excel, however, was explaining things well so that people could understand. He felt that his skills were more valuable for an environment that would allow him to teach people who were able and willing to learn.

Kern aims to teach his students to think creatively, to have the ability to make an idea reality. He teaches his students many different programs which allows students to have more knowledge than the average student. He has found that people who have a lot of knowledge about many things seem to be a very desirable trait.

The hardest challenges Kern has faced as a teacher is the amount that he has to learn. The industry is constantly changing and students teach him about programs he’s never heard of before but it is a new way of doing things so he will make the effort to learn this program so that he may teach his students. Todd teaches things in his classes which you can’t really get from many other schools.