Power To The Powderpuff Girls

Karma Goodson, Reporter

The annual Wahawk powderpuff game happened at 6 pm Sunday, September 11th at Memorial Stadium. Participating Juniors and Seniors played against each other in groups of five. Team names were very creative this year, with names such as the Power Puffin, Deep Threats, Alpha Babes, One Hit Wonders, and the 2022 Powderpuff winning team the Slimetos! Senior coaches included Cavelle Fay, Kyle Elliot, Terez Smith, Josh Willis, Alex Willis, Deric Kieler, and Parker Engstrom. Junior coaches included Shiron Norman, Courtney Gladeny, Cayden Kutz, Jacob Muller, Brandon Bauler, and Andrew Kline.       

What is powder puff? How does it relate to West? 

Powderpuff is a Northern American tradition, as well as a West High homecoming tradition usually carried out by upperclassmen girls. Powderpuff follows the general rules of flag football. Boys from any Varsity or Junior Varsity teams willing to participate are able to teach the girls rules, regulations, plays, and penalties.