Wahawks of West – Fall Sport Edition

Ali Parkhurst, Reporter

We talked to one player from every fall sport and asked them each one question. Ranging from the most exciting parts of their sport to what it’s like to be a team captain and even the best advice they’ve been given, each player has had a lot to say, and we think you’re going to want to hear it.

Senior Terez Smith said the most important quality a football captain needs is “Always being positive and doing things right, because the guys are looking up to me.”

Sophomore Kiana Mitchell says the best advice a volleyball coach has ever given her was “To try hard all the time and never give up.”

Junior Lucy Prescott tells us that the most challenging part of swimming and diving is “Your mental state. Physically you may be able to do it but mentally, it’s like getting out of your head, telling yourself that you can do it even if you’ve got to push yourself, I think that’s the hardest part.” 

Senior Brenner Ortman says he loves golf because “I don’t have to take it very seriously, I can just go have fun and enjoy myself for a few hours and in other sports that I play I feel like I have to try a lot harder. I get to be myself and have fun, I really enjoy that.”

Senior Cooper Paxton said that cross country has made him realize “That a good team atmosphere makes it easier to show up everyday to get the job done. When you have dudes by your side pushing themselves it makes you want to go harder.” 

Sophomore Reagan Westphal said that she loves running because “it gives me an adrenaline rush, and I feel free when I run, plus it makes my legs look good.”  

Junior Amiah Newman said that her favorite aspect of cheerleading is “The hard work, determination, and friendships.”