A Smiling Face For All To See

Cassie Graff, Reporter

Students at West High are given the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire regarding a staff member that they believe should be nominated for staff member of the week. Along with this, multiple teachers and staff members have asked us to begin a Student of the Week Segment. With this segment, the Wahawk Insider sent out a google form to all staff members to nominate a student that they feel has shown what it is to be WEST around the building. For the first student of the week, the spotlight goes to a student who embodies this perfectly.

Meet Presten Keast, a 10th grader here at West. When seen in the hallways, Keast always has a great attitude with the biggest smile on his face. Keast is always willing to help out in class and he does well completing his work. Along with being a student here at West, he also helps by working in Java West. While in Java West, he makes the drinks, delivers orders, and cleans up after they are finished using the equipment. Amongst all of these qualities, Keast is also a great role model for his peers.

After Keast was chosen for Student of the Week, he shared what he likes about West High. He said “I really enjoy playing kickball in PE class and spending time with my friends throughout the day. My favorite subject is Math, which we are learning about addition and subtraction. I really enjoy helping people, especially at Java making coffee and helping clean up. I like all of my teachers, they are nice!”

If you happen to see Keast in the hallways, make sure to exchange a smile with him and congratulate him.