Physical Science students learn the importance of seat belt safety


Kaitlin Stanford

Andy Dzehverovic

Kaitlin Stanford, Reporter

Abby Henry

Sept 10, 2022, the Iowa State Patrol visited West High School with their Seat Belt Convincer. Going only 10 mph it did its job showing the importance of wearing a seatbelt in an accident. State Patrol recommends if Schools are given the opportunity to use their Seat Belt Convincer, they should.

Students and teachers alike provided their thoughts on these kinds of hands-on activities.

Morgan Jenkins, Junior shared her experience on the Seat Belt Convincer. Jenkins says “It was shocking and by the end, I had to grab onto the seatbelt, but I’d do it again. I say it was pretty convincing.”

Yanna Powers

Mr. Smith a Physical Science teacher says that “students tend to learn better with real world scenarios and things that they find interesting.”

More students get to experience a crash safely and when we get more young people to start wearing their seatbelts we will see more lives saved on the highway

— Officer Dave Goreham