Wahawks Of The Student Section

Karma Goodson, Reporter


As the 2022-2023 football season comes to an end, we want to commemorate the most enjoyable and uplifting moments of the Wahawk Student Section with student input.

When senior student section leader Brenner Ortman was questioned about how he thought the season was going he said “Um, I think the record is a little rough, but that’s okay. We’ll pick it up soon. And I think the last few weeks are going to be the best weeks we’ve had. We’ve had our ups and downs. Beating East was definitely a good part of the season, so I’ll leave it at that.” When reflecting on his favorite part of being a leader, he said “I like getting to stand in the front. That’s really enjoyable. I also think that the overalls are quite stylish so I enjoy that. But yeah, just overall watching the game and getting to yell and nobody thinks that you’re that crazy.” Ortman shared that his favorite chant to yell from the front of the student section was d-d-d-defense. He also shared his appreciation on the themes chosen this year by saying “I like the diversity that we chose with them. We have a lot of color outs. And then we have a bunch of like creative outs like the Adam Sandler out and a bunch of random stuff like that was fun.”

Senior student section leader Cooper Paxton shared that his favorite part about being a student section leader is that “I enjoy getting the crowd hyped and it’s just fun being around people from the school.” Paxton noted that he enjoyed the leadership role, but one of his favorite things to lead was “running the flags on the football field.” Paxton said that his favorite chant “is definitely Wahawk Nation because everybody participates in it.” Paxton ended his interview by saying that being a senior this year “feels good, I’m ready to graduate but it’s gonna be a fun Senior year.

Student section leader Jake Jolley shared about this years’ season. He said “We’re having fun. It’s fun to have the opportunity to lead and definitely fun to watch.” As Jolley has enjoyed leading the student section, he said that his favorite part is “definitely the leadership and knowing that I can be responsible for getting the whole Student Section hyped up, but also knowing that I can do what the football players want me to do to keep them in the zone and ready to play.” His favorite chant this year has been “warm the buses because then you know that we’re winning.” And concluding the interview I finally asked “What are your thoughts on the themes this year?” He said  “I think they’re all pretty good. We really didn’t have any conflicts with any of them. So I think they’re all pretty, pretty solid.”

Senior Calia Gladney was asked “How does it feel to be a Senior in the Student Section this year?” She said I’ve been waiting for four years. So even then there’s still a lot of people that are gonna be in the front row, but I mean, I’m kind of short. It’s fun. I know a lot of people are there almost every game and there is a lot of school spirit.”

Senior Kaden McConell was also posed the same question “How does it feel to be a Senior in the Student Section this year?” His response was, “You know, it feels pretty good. Being in the front finally, there’s like a lot of energy to lift you up. And I mean, it feels good to have all the underclassmen look down at you and just go off your vibe that you give. So it’s all just fun to be out, being seen and all your school spirit being shown. Everybody wins. It’s just fun.”

The Wahawk student body was asked what their favorite chant and or cheer was, there were multiple given options including Rowdy, Four more, Marching, Warm the buses, Clappy, and Defense. With over 100 responses, 55% said Marching was their favorite, the other 15% said This is our house. While the season did have its ups and downs, being together is the most important part. Wahawk Nation will always stand strong. Thank you Seniors.