Fan of the Century

Cassie Graff

Senior Isaiah McDonald has made it known to many different staff members of the Wahawk Insider how much he loves our articles and our website. He always mentions that every day when he checks the website, he is always ready for new articles. Because he has continued to show his dedicated commitment to us, no matter if we have new articles published for him to read or not, we decided to ask him a few questions regarding why he finds the articles so amusing, how loyal he is, and why he should be considered to be a certified Wahawk Insider Fan.

Q1: What is your favorite thing about the Wahawk Insider?

A: “My favorite part is how unbiased it is. For example, when we lost 57-0 to CF, y’all still wrote about it.”

Q2: Why should you be considered one of the Wahawk Insider’s certified fans?

A: “I’m always reading it I’ve even got a schedule, every day at 12:30 I read to see what’s new.”

Q3: Have you spread the word about the Wahawk Insider to friends or family?

A: Yes I’ve talked to some friends in different classes about it and even shown some teachers!”

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