WCC Halloween Dance

Cavelle Fay, Reporter

The Halloween Dance at the Waterloo Career Center came very fast! The dance was run and hosted by the Principles Of Marketing Class. The Halloween Dance was a lot of fun for anyone who attended. Tickets for the Dance were sold for 5 dollars each. The dance took place Saturday the 27th starting at 7 pm and ended a little before 10 pm. The dance provided food for anyone who attended, the food was made by the culinary class at the WCC. At the dance, there were multiple contests going on during the dance. There was a costume contest, a Pumpkin carving contest, and more. There was a Virtual Reality and a Black Jack table. At the entrance of the dance, there were people who were hiding in costumes scaring people. No one was expecting it so it make the dance that much more interesting.

The principal at the WCC Amy Miehe said “The Halloween dance is a great example of collaboration amongst our 16 career programs at the Waterloo Career Center.  This was a student-driven project (with the support of staff) that gave opportunity for students across our programs to work together to design and implement the event.  High levels of rigor and student engagement were evident from the beginning and throughout the planning process.  It was a wonderful event!”. Miehe wasn’t the only person who had a part in the dance who had good things to say. Fletcher Gerrans said “The dance on Saturday was a great opportunity for what the business class learning about on a daily bases. The dance was a really big success for us and exceeded our expectations, we are really happy with the outcome!”