Leaving Class? Grab the Pass!


Cassie Graff, Reporter

Effective Monday, October 17, 2022, West High initiated our new hall pass system. The goal of this new hall pass system is to make sure kids are in class. This is due to there being too many students tardy and skipping class. When students are in class, and in class on time, they will be more successful, in high school, and it will also teach them better life lessons for their future. Another pro to this new hall pass system is lowering the number of students in the hallway, as it helps to keep our halls quieter and more respectful. If a student walks into class late, not only are they disrupting the class, but they are also disrespecting the teacher.

In an interview with our Health Academy Assistant Principal Bryan Ortman on Friday, October 21, he was asked if he feels that this new hall pass system is working and why. He said, “Yes, I do think it is working. The halls seem less congested, kids are getting to class faster, and we still have tardies but they aren’t as late into the period. Students have been doing a good job about making sure they have a pass or going back to their class to grab one if they forgot it. My favorite part about this new hall pass system is that when us administrators or campus safety sees people in the hallways, we are able to have more positive interactions than negative interactions.”

Although this new hall pass system seems to be working very well so far, there are still some faults in the system that we need to work out. Mr. Ortman mentioned in the interview, “We still need to look into a few things such as office runners and students with medical problems. Getting used to the system will be the hardest part, but so far it has seemed positive!”

If you are going to be in the halls, be WEST and make sure you have a pass!