A Review of “Wednesday”

Kaitlin Stanford, Reporter

If you like the Addams family you will really enjoy the new Addams Family adaptation “Wednesday”. It follows Wednesday Addams a child full of woe. The show follows her and her new psychic abilities in solving a mystery fallen upon Nevermore Academy.

Wednesday (TV series) - Wikipedia

Jenna Ortega maintains the Iconic role of Wednesday but adds her own twists with the help of Tim Burton. Christina Ricci is also a part of the cast of one of the original and most iconic Wednesdays.

The characters in Wednesday are based on The Addams Family comics from 1938 and their original designs, casting was one of the most important parts of the Show. Many people found it important and iconic that they stuck with original ideas.

A fully family-appropriate show, with small scenes filled with blood. Rating TV 14, If anyone enjoys The Addams Family or Jenna Ortega, this would be an amazing show for you.

Jenna Ortega is a young actress who tends to play in more dark roles. She was in “Scream 5” and “the Fallout”. In 2023, she will be in the final Scream movie: Scream 6. People are drawn to the way she is able to be in character for such emotionless characters.