Who At West High Makes You The Happiest?

Karma Goodson, Reporter

Waterloo West is filled with so many creative, beautiful, strong and charming faces. The lively energy from students and staff can be found in and out of hallways and classrooms. I wanted to figure out who puts a smile on your face when you walk into the building, as I walked the halls I asked the question “Who at west high makes you the happiest?”

Sophomore, Jahlil Manago.

When I was posed this question the first person who came to my mind was Jahlil Manago. Since the beginning of our Sophomore year he has never failed to make my day. The positive and vibrant energy he gives off is enough to make you grin. Walking through the hallways, to class, lunch, or on the way home he will always make an effort to come up to me and create a heart with his hands, which he proceeds to put up to mine and smile. On some of my worst days Manago has cheered me up with such a small gesture. Knowing that there is such a kind soul like his around made me wonder if there were others that felt like a certain someone makes their day like Manago does to mine. What about you? Which member of the student body or staff makes you the happiest.