West vs. Hempstead Bowling Meet

Kiersten Bateman, Reporter

On Friday, Dec. 9th, the West Bowling team went up against Dubuque Hempstead at Maple Lanes. This was West’s second home meet of the season. This year the bowling team has grown as they have many new bowlers that have been working hard. West beat Dubuque Hempstead all around with quite a few new accomplishments. Bowling is a sport full of fun and friendships this team truly shows that.

The Varsity Boys won 3097 to 2733. They had a high round 1 score this season of 2172 and a high total of 3097. Four of the players had over 400 total, with one of them being over 500. Tayvon Homolar had scores of 279 and 245 with a total of 524, and Brady Risetter had games of 207 and 215 with a total of 422 which was his first 400 series.

The Boys JV team won also with 2334 to 1880, which was their highest score of the season and they also improved to a 2-1. Boston Wolford had games of 174 and 148 for a total of 322 which was a new season high. Jaycob Millet also had games of 150 and 173 with a 322 total.

The Girl’s JV team won 1743 to 1369. They have all been working hard and are becoming more of a team with all of the new athletes. Lilly Hackbarth had a game of 199 with a total of 312 and Abby Henry with a high game 0f 90.

The Girl’s Varsity team won 2609 to 2391 to Hempstead. They had a few strong individual performances that led to nearly a 300-pin margin after round 1. The girl’s individuals went very well for most of the players. Sydney Wilson had games of 218 and 221 for a total of 439 and Samie Camilo with games of 200 and 233 for a total of 433. The Varsity Girls made quite a few new career highs.