Teacher of The Week: Mr. Fisher

Lydia Parkhurst, Reporter

John Fisher is West High schools teacher of the week for the week of December 12. Mr. Fisher has been teaching at West for seven years and teaches Algebra I. When Mr. Fisher is out of the classroom he is in a band called Mr. SoftHeart and has been part of the band for 6 years. he also enjoys spending time with his three cats Floyd, Mya, and Dunlop.  Mr. Fisher bought a house three years ago and works on projects when he’s not at school or playing music.

While reflecting on why he decided to become a teacher he said ” I guess it was because I think kids are great people and funny. I wanted to help them with math even if it isn’t their favorite”.

Fisher’s nominator shared that “He is a very thoughtful, well-respected teacher. He takes time to get to know his students and understand their learning styles. Over this school year, I feel as though he has made deep connections with my class and has personally brought a smile to my face. He is one of my favorite teachers because he takes the time to listen to my issues and help me with schoolwork and my personal problems”.

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