Bob Berumez: Campus Safety Manager


Bob Berumez

Berumez with his two sons.

Tyler Hall, Reporter

During the week of April 3, Bob Berumez was promoted to Waterloo Schools Campus Safety Manager. Berumez has been a member of campus safety since 2009 and has been enjoying his job ever since.

“Congrats to Bob Berumez for being promoted to Waterloo Schools Sampus Safety Manager,” says Dr. Jared Smith, the Superintendent of the Waterloo Community School District.

“I think I’ve always wanted to do something in the school setting but just wasn’t sure what. Then I came across this job listing and thought that with my background work history this might be something I enjoy doing and I was not wrong,” says Berumez.

When reflecting on his thoughts of the promotion, Berumez said “it’s an honor to be able to oversee this program. I take the safety of Waterloo Schools and Students and Staff seriously. I look forward to each day’s challenges and hopefully I can make a difference in the schools.”

The interactions with students is what makes Berumez’s day. “I think the thing that sticks with me the most in this position is watching students develop over their four years; Seeing those students who come in as Freshman and watching how they grow socially and academically,” says Berumez.

Of these interactions, one stood out amongst the rest. “I can remember a student a few years back who was contemplating dropping out, who didn’t like school, but then after their Sophomore year it was like something clicked in their mind and the student ended up working hard during their Junior and Senior years and then graduating. It’s things like this that stick with me and make me look forward to other stories like this to come,” Berumez shared.

When discussing Berumez’s promotion, Smith said “Bob will oversee the WCSD campus safety program while continuing to support West High School. Bob has been an amazing employee and his promotion is well-deserved! #WaterlooProud.”