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Underrated Vs Overrated Things


Many teenagers are picky about what’s trendy and what’s not, certain things that don’t meet the expectations of what’s cool to do. Just a quick disclaimer as we dive in, this article is satire, please take it with a grain of salt. 


Overrated- Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup is massively overrated. No shame to anyone who owns a Stanley Cup, but the popularity of this cup had everybody crazed. Some are even being resold for over a hundred dollars. I will give it praise for being highly durable. Hydro flask did it better back in 2019 without people stealing them. Yes, you heard that correctly. There are people stealing these cups. The lead poisoning controversy around the Stanley Cup has also been brought up recently. If the Stanley Cup is damaged there is a possibility that lead can be exposed so don’t drop your Stanley.

Overrated – Matching Socks

If I had a quarter for every time I couldn’t find a pair of matching socks, I’d be able to pay for college tuition. Designs on socks are a great thing to have, but is the frustration of not finding a pair worth the price? My parents shamed me before and, out of all the things to be judgmental about, they pick socks? Not to mention, who even looks at someone’s socks and cares? “You see that kid over there with the orange and blue sock? Yeah, stay away from him.” Overrated.

Underrated – Sleep

One of the things we take for granted will forever be underrated. The amount of times I’ve seen someone sleep in class is more than I can count on my two hands. Whenever I go to sleep I hope I never wake up because sleeping is my favorite thing to do. Many people stay awake and disregard sleeping even if it’s necessary. This is one of the many times I’ll be hypocritical but I regret all those nights I’ve stayed awake and the aftermath of an all-nighter. It’s an insomniac hangover. Criminally underrated.

Overrated – College

Controversial take here, but in a country where living wages are high and a majority of high salary jobs requiring a degree, going 40k in debt for a job that pays you 30k a year is certainly not worth it. College itself isn’t overrated, it’s the idea of paying to go to college. If I want to become a surgeon I could always watch a YouTube tutorial video. “But you need to be certified in that field” says who? The law? I don’t think so.

Underrated- School Lunch

Okay let’s ignore the cardboard pizza, pink hamburgers, and crunchy milk from school lunch and focus on the good stuff. As much as I don’t like the food at school I can’t complain because it’s free. It’s a hit or miss but some meals here are pretty decent. At this point I’ve eaten enough school lunch that I’m surprised that I haven’t mutated yet. I’d rather eat food that I saw moving than pay to eat. 

Overrated – Tiktok

The most downloaded app might be the most overrated one there is. I do not want to walk into the bathroom on a Monday morning to see some kid filming themselves dancing to Harry Styles. Being on this app is the modern day equivalent to having a lobotomy. TikTok might be the cause of cyber bullying being more prominent now than ever. Don’t get me wrong the concept of Tiktok was great, posts about awareness, inclusivity and finding others who share the same interests as you, but over the years it was watered down to an app where most of the content is just videos that exist to garner attention and likes. This app is one of the reasons attention spans are getting shorter.

Underrated – Teachers

My deepest condolences for any teacher who has to witness being around teenagers everyday. I have heard conversations and seen things not even Heaven could waterboard out of me. Teachers here are stronger than steel. I would have quit the first day. The students here are…something. Don’t get me wrong I love West High but these “things” need to be studied under a microscope. I recall being asked how to spell ‘Science’. I’m convinced every class has that friend group that shares 1 brain cell and passes it around like wine in the First Communion. Severely underrated.

Overrated- Colleen Hoover

I do not understand the hype that is Colleen Hoover. “Have you even read her books?” Yes I have. Unfortunately. This isn’t a book review but if I had a way to describe her books it’ll be 2012 Tumblr-esque. There’s something common in all CoHo fans and it’s that they have no sense of taste in books. I will certainly say she is better than other authors that I’ve read. “Why don’t you try to write a book and see if it’s easy?” No thank you. Am I being hypocritical? Yes. Would I write a book to spite Colleen Hoover? Yes I would. Is it serious? No, this is like me arguing with a wall. Colleen Hoover isn’t aware of my existence and I don’t think a teenager is going to hurt her production of millions of books. 

Do I dare say Taylor Swift? No I don’t. She is not overrated but she’s not underrated. She’s whatever you want her to be. Swifties do scare me though.


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