Weight Room Renovation

Ali Parkhurst, Reporter

West High has been taking on multiple remodels of the school this year. For the past few months, the main gym and weight room have been out of use due to this construction. Last week, however, we finally got a look inside our new weight room. Mr. Thoma said he is excited for this because “All of the upgrades are not only going to give students access to brand new equipment but improve the safety for all involved. The optics of having a new strength and conditioning facility are always a plus!”

When asked about the new weight room and what it meant for the future of strength and conditioning, Mr. Gettman said,  “An upgraded facility and new equipment is always an energizing factor in the engagement of students and their excitement for the program. So many non-student athletes take strength training classes, it is wonderful that it will be something many students from many different backgrounds will benefit from using. Of course it is always a bonus for the athletes who spend so much time in the weight room under the strength coach Mr. Thoma. It will be a great opportunity to give them a boost with the upgraded facility and equipment.” 

Mr. Thoma and Mr. Gettman both agree that the biggest changes between the old and new weight rooms are more lifting stations, safer flooring, and upgraded equipment. These changes will lead to a more improved and enhanced experience for athletes, coaches, and instructors.