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Israel-Hamas: The Line Between Defense and Genocide

Fatima Shbair
The Gaza strip being lit and in flames after Israel Air-Strikes

Although this situation has recently been brought up in the occurring war in Gaza, the Israel and Palestine conflict has been happening for years without the publicity it has now. Each passing day, the war in Gaza becomes more destructive with terror from both sides of Hamas and the Israel Defense Forces.

Palestinians have been facing disasters in their homes for years and now Hamas- An Islamist organization has fought back against the IDF- Israel Defense Force- in order to stop the occupation of their territory. The genocide in Palestine is unjustifiable and more awareness has to be raised about this on-going horrific event. 

This information site has briefly summarized the conflict in an easy and accessible way in order to educate others on the subject. Remember, this has been a thing for over 50 years. This site is a brief summarization of current events, to sum it all down will be unfair. It’s advised to do further research on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. 

The rise of Zionism has been increasing since the start of the conflict. One of the most questionable things in the war is if Israel is an actual country. Since the holocaust and genocide of Jewish people in WWII the idea of a Jewish country  was adapted and made in the late 1940’s. The area where Israel now lies also belonged to a group called Palestinians in which their country is known as Palestine. Since the establishment of Israel in 1948 they have been fighting over who controls what part of the territory.

Social media has been divided on what sides to take. Some choose Israel but a majority say ‘Free Palestine’ in defense of the annexation and occupation of the people and area. The deaths are increasing each day the war goes on and people using Hamas and IDF as an excuse to be antisemitic and Islamophobic. There are several videos showing the aftermath of bombing in Gaza and victims. Several others have questioned the support of Israel and the genocide.

Pro-Palestine march in London where over 100,000 attended (Getty Images)

Companies or brands that have supported Israel were told by people to boycott in order to hurt their businesses. Companies like Starbucks, McDonald’s, Nike, Puma and many others have been warned to stay away from in order to support Palestine. While boycotting has worked as the stock prices of the companies have lowered in the past few days, others have made an attempt at protesting.

On October 21, more than 100,000 people marched in London to end the Palestine genocide with many opposing Israel and holding pro-Palestine signs and flags. People have been questioning how this happened. One group being ethnically cleansed from their homes and yet no one has sent support. 

Joe Biden, President of the United States, has been showing support for Israel and receiving backlash. His praise for Israelis and Israel is met with people criticizing his support. Numerous tweets called out the behavior of Israeli’s towards the Palestinians, mocking them and showing off their privilege with flickering lights and drinking water.

Tweet of President Joe Biden showing his support and condolences to Israel

Twitter-one of the biggest social media platforms- has accumulated a ton of posts about the genocide where hundreds of thousands have showed their support for Palestine and hate towards Israel. Several posts with over 20,000 likes and some reaching over 100,000 showing how many people pro-Palestine. Some have also chosen to speak about Israel and its war crimes that its been committing in the Gaza strip.

One solution to end the war was to propose a two-state solution in which both Palestine and Israel would co-exist, but this idea was frowned upon as people viewed this as ineffective considering what Israel has already done to the Palestinian population. The one-state solution that was proposed was to let Palestine become a country and to remove Israel.

There has been several calls for a ceasefire in Gaza but it was ultimately declined and the genocide is still persistent even with millions opposing this idea. The best thing to do is to keep raising awareness of this subject. In years to come when this all becomes history the people of the future will look in the past and say “How did they let this happen?”.

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  • K

    KyleNov 6, 2023 at 8:52 am

    Amazing article to raise awareness and inform people about this conflict.