Marching Band Places 4th and 7th in Area Competitions

Tyler Hall, Reporter

“Bands Across the Prairie” is a statewide competition for high school marching bands all throughout Iowa. This year’s competition marks the 19th annual invitational which took place on Saturday, Oct. 1st during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. In addition to the “Bands Across the Prairie” competition, the band also participated in the “Five Seasons Marching Invitational” that occurred on the same day.

The West High marching band participated in both competitions, both of which were held in Cedar Falls. Out of the nine class 4A at the “Bands Across the Prairie” competition, the marching band placed seventh. Out of the five class 4A at the “Five Seasons Invitational”, the marching band came in fourth place.

According to West High band director Jason Dobbs, “there’s not much difference (referring to the difference between the competitions). However, there was a clinic after the Prairie contest.” For context, a clinic is when the band gets to meet with a clinician, the guest conductor/professional musician, who gives them feedback. During the clinic, “a clinician gave comments to the band and showed a video of our performance,” said Dobbs.