New Addition Provides New Opportunities At The Waterloo Career Center

Josian Turner, Reporter

The Waterloo Career Center (WCC) is located in the building adjacent to Central Middle School. It is a place that gives West High and all local high school students the opportunity to take college classes through Hawkeye Community College for free. The WCC has just finished building a new addition that will be available for students beginning the 2024-2025 school year.

Amy Miehe, the administrator of the WCC, stated that between now and 2024 Central Middle School will be using the new addition, as their side of the building undergoes construction, “to match with the makeup of the career center.”

Ms. Miehe shared that with the new addition there are some potential new career programs that may be available for the 2024-2025 school year. According to Miehe, “Potential new programs include: Automotive, Cosmetology, Diesel Mechanics, Agriculture Science, Industrial Maintenance, Property Maintenance, and Public Safety.” Ms. Miehe said that they are also considering offering college general education classes like math, english, science and social studies in the future as well, taking these general education classes would help high school students be able to focus more on their intended major when they get to college. It is exciting to see how much the WCC has grown since it first opened, and the new addition will provide even more opportunities for West High students in the future.