Wahawks of West | September 8, 2022

Ali Parkhurst

In the first few weeks of school, getting to know the people around us is so important. How many peers do you walk past without knowing anything about them? We walked the halls of West High with a microphone and a camera asking students the most random questions we could think of. The results ranged from short answers to personal responses with a variety of students asked.

When asked, Seayea Joseph said his plans for junior year are to “Try to stay on top of my grades and try to do as much homework on time as possible.”

Junior Jaone Arterberry said the highlight of his summer was “Going to the Mall of America with my girlfriends family.”

Senior LJ Orr said their plans for after high are to “go to Iowa State to get my Bachelor’s in animal sciences and then going down to Florida to continue my studies to become a marine biologist.”

When Senior Emelina Kudizovic was asked about her favorite ice cream flavor, she said “Peanut butter cup, but only if it’s chocolate ice cream.”

What about you? How would you respond to these questions?